NGOFS  is committed to  build quality into all activities by significantly raising  the bench mark of its services

NGOFS is committed to ensure timely delivery of services to the satisfaction of its esteemed customers by determining & mitigating any probable risk through effective business control  measures.  Staff , stakeholders & interested parties are expected to communicate, participate &  take the accountability  contractual needs and expectations

NGOFS is fully committed to

  1. Meet customer requirements on quality  and ensure continuous customer satisfaction.
  2. Ensure conformity to an effective management system that identifies potential risks & opportunities in our process and shall monitor /take action as applicable.
  3. Continuously strive to improve our performances to ensure customer satisfaction.
  4. The top management is fully committed to implement this system within its operations by setting and monitoring objectives to promote continuous improvement. The top management shall also ensure that the policy is understood by all personnel’s and shall provide appropriate resources to meet the intended needs in timely manner.
  5. Shall endeavor and is committed to consistently deliver services fit for purpose and in compliance with the customer specifications, applicable statutory and regulatory requirements..
  6. Providing appropriate resources to implement this policy.
  7. This Policy statement shall be made available to all interested parties.                             



NGOFS is committed to build quality into all activities by significantly raising the bench mark of its services.